Gallery Walls

Design The Perfect Gallery Wall

Have a blank wall in your home calling you to curate your very own Gallery Wall? You’ll be excited to hear you can design the perfect gallery wall in a few simple steps, and all online! We walk you through the easy 1-2-3 of Gallery Walls with Framefox

Step 1: Choose Your Gallery Wall Design

Wither you have a narrow, wide, large, or long space to showcase a Gallery Wall on your style options are endless. I best place to start is with the space. Decide how big you want to go with your Gallery Wall layout. We recommend our The Long One for hallways, the Mini Grid or Wide Grid for entrance ways, and our Shifted GridTriptychs, and The Big Mismatch for bedrooms or larger living areas. 

Step 2: Upload your photos and add them to the frames. 

Your Framefox account allows you to save your Gallery Wall progress, so you can complete your Gallery Wall design in your own time and space. Simply upload your photos and add them to the frames. Crop, preview or add filters. Our Smart Enhance edit feature allows to easily add and compare filters and photo enhancements. Use the slider feature to check your images hue, saturation, and contrast. Don’t want to use it? No worries, simply toggle the smart enhance off if you don’t like it. 

Step 3: Use the life-sized hanging guide.

Once your Framefox frames have arrived safely at their new home follow our step-by-step guide to help you hang your Gallery wall in minutes. Your frames will come with a life-sized hanging guide which allow your to remove the guess work in where to nail into your walls. Result, a stress-free hanging experience. Lastly, enjoy your new personalised Gallery Wall.

Dot+Pop Gallery Wall Design How-to Picture Wall
Dot+Pop enjoying her hung The Big Mismatch Gallery Wall

Inspired? Design your own Gallery Wall here >

Dot+Pop Designing her own Gallery Wall.