Gallery Walls

Gallery Wall Ideas To Suit Any Style

Gallery walls have become a stable design feature in most interior design projects. Why? They can be styled to fit virtually any space in a home and bring an elegance to whatever is framed within them. No matter your size or style, gallery wall layouts can help bring your individual style to a wall. Be it a themed gallery, with similar styled art pieces, or a photo series that offer a narrative to your walls. Keen to explore your gallery wall design persona? Here are some gallery wall ideas to suit any style.

Mismatch Frames

(As featured in the above image). Mismatching sizing of frames and types of frames can bring a unique styling to your gallery wall. Framefox offers both big scale versions, The Big Mismatch, and smaller scales, Mismatch, giving you this eclectic style option no matter the size of your wall.

Grid Gallery Wall Layouts

gallery wall layout template photo walls framed art dark wood frame
Mini Grid

Find your style is a bit more minimalist? Clean. Orderly. Structured? Mini Grid and Mini Grid layouts are ideal ways to order your images in a declutters design. The grid style is also ideal if you want to flexibility to add rows of more frames in the future.

Stacked Frames

Shifted Grid Frame style options gallery wall framing frames

A vertical visionary, the stacked gallery wall is ideal if you have narrow spaces you are wanting to breathe life into. The Shifted Grid is an easy way to utilise empty space near windows and transform it with a framed arrangement. Although, this style is not just reserved for walls.

leaning gallery wall stacked book shelf framed prints art wall decor photo
Image credit: Pinterst

Stacked frames on bookshelves or floating gallery shelves (also known as leaning gallery walls) is also a stunningly stylish way to display your framed art and photography.

Three Frame Layouts

Triptych – Full Size

Feel you are more suited to a theme or series that tell a story? Framefox’s Triptych layout offers a collection of three frames to create a real focal point in your home. Triptychs are a great way to frame similar images, for example a series of travel photographs or hero shots from your wedding day. The bottom-weighted mat results in a striking finish. Triptychs work particularly well with black and white photos and look stunning if the contents of the frame offer a similarity in styling or theme.

Triptych Upright Three frame layout framed photo series
Triptych Upright – Full Size

The Story Teller Gallery Wall

Living Room Gallery Wall framed prints photos wall art decor interior design photo series frame

The gallery wall for those who seek to tell a story or layout a linear theme in a space. Be it images that showcase a colour theme of a room, or a similar subject across all the frames. The Long One is a simple but effective way to display your photos. Perfect for above a bed or down your hallway.

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