Gallery Walls

How-To Create A Gallery Wall, Easily.

So, you want to join the gallery wall movement but the idea of adding a stunning framed arrangement to your wall seems utterly overwhelming? Where to start with wall layouts or choosing frames? Let alone hammering nails into your walls! Stress-less. Framefox has created an easy step-by-step how-to guide to creating your very own photo wall. And the best part, you can create a gallery wall online, effortlessly, and easily. 

Start With The Wall

What space are you wanting to make come to life with a gallery wall? Think about different spaces and how different layouts could work within those areas. Would you like a gallery above the couch? Decorating your stairway wall? Or needing a design to add some photos to your baby’s nursery?

Choose Your Gallery Wall Layout and Frame Style 

Framefox offers a range of layouts and styles sure to fit any space or taste. From a grand grid design for entrance ways or feature walls, to stacked and shifted grid gallery options for narrower, smaller spaces. Need some inspiration? Visit the Framefox blog, where you can explore different interior design articles and frame inspiration to help inspire your layout and frame choice. 

Sort Your Gallery Wall Images

Once you have your layout and frame style selected, you’ll be guided to customise your gallery wall by adding your own images. The drag and drop option on Framefoxs website makes this easier than ever to see what your images will look like in the gallery wall template. Once you have selected all your images you are almost done! Next Framefox will print your photos, custom frame them, and ship them to your door. See, easy. 

Hang Your Gallery Wall 

nail How-To Create A Gallery Wall, Easily.
Gallery wall hanging template how to guide

So, its hang time. Your custom framed photos will arrive with a life-sized hanging guide that steps you through the hanging process. This includes a life-size template you can apply to the exact space you want your frames to hang which shows you the precise spots to nail, how to nail, and how to hang your finished frames. Successfully taking any guess work and stress out of the hanging process for you. 

How-To Create A Gallery Wall, Easily.
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The Big Mismatch

Result, a stunning wall from a stress-free experience. 
You’re welcome! 

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