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Baby Shower Gift Guide

Want to gift the parents-to-be a meaningful gift they can cherish forever? This baby shower gift guide offers treasured keepsakes that will set your gift aside from the rest. Forget swaddles, bunnies, and stretch mark balm – framed memories is where it’s at…

Personalised Baby Shower Gift

Baby Shower Gift Guide Frame Photo
Framefox Caption Frame

Add a personal message, date, name, location, or quote to your favourite baby snap to create a personalised Caption Frame. Ideal for a scan image with the expectant birth date. The first time Bub meets a family member. Or for a stunning baby announcement gift. Caption Frames are fun ways to add a special touch to your baby shower gift.

Baby Shoer Personalised Gift Guide
Framefox Caption Frame

Keepsake Baby Gifts

Mothers Day Gift Guide Collage Frame
Framefox Collage Frame

Collage frames make for easy and meaningful gifts. Print and frame a series of photo that tell a story about the new arrival. These ready-to-hang framed gifts come in two, three, or four photo layout options. These expertly printed and framed photos are sure to be special family keepsakes.

Gift of Custom Framing

Baby Shower Gift Guide Frames Framing
Framefox Shifted Gallery Wall

One thing you can bank on is the expectant parents are going to be taking a boat load of photos of their adorable new arrival. Gifting a Framefox gift card gives the parents options to print and frame those special memories. With access to everything from Collage Frames, Caption Frames, and fun Gallery Walls – ideal for the nursery.

Petite Grid Baby Gifts Gallery Wall
Framefox Petite Grid

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