Custom Framing, A How-to Guide

Need something framed? Design the perfect Made-to-Measure frame online in a few simple steps. You’ll get a custom handcrafted frame delivered to your door. Here’s your step-by-step guide to custom framing.

Why Custom Frame?

Easy. The quality and a premium finish. Not only do custom frames protect your art for longer. They look better too.

How Custom Framing Works

Custom frames framing framefox family photos
Framefox Hudson raw-wood frame

Here at Framefox we keep it simple. You can design your very own custom frame online, and it only takes a few minutes. Upload an image of what you want to frame to preview how it will look in our collection of frames. Choose from classic black or white, light or dark wood, greys or golds. Once you’ve chosen your frame it’s built to spec at our Auckland workshop using the highest standards! Result, a custom frame for your art work delivered right to your door. Your frame will arrive with everything you need to insert your own artwork along with simple instructions.

Custom Frame Styles

Framefox‘s large frame collection means you have more framing style options. You can also pick which glazing you would prefer with your frame. Choose from a range of glass types for your artwork, including UV protection and anti-reflective options.. See our collection of frames here >

Custom Frame Artwork

Want us to frame your artwork for you? Easy, head this way ยป