Capture Frame-Worthy Landscape Photography

Feel like your photos don’t do the real view justice? Landscape photography can be a bit of an art. Thankfully with modern smart phones, editing apps, and some handy tips from expert landscape photographers you too can capture professional shots worth framing. Here’s everything you need to know to take frame-worthy landscape photography…

Emotive Landscape Photography

Connect with onlookers by making sure your photograph tells a story. Landscapes are a powerful way to capture a moment in time, so allow your photography to capture the emotion of the environment. The weather. Time of say. Shadows. Reflects. Wildlife. Making sure your shot captures multiple elements within the frame helps to create an engaging landscape photo. For example, you’re not just taking a photo of a mountain – take a photo of the sky, mountain, and mountains reflection. Essentially landscape photography can be simplified to capturing the mood in a photograph that anyone standing in front of feels transported to.

Observant Landscape Photography

What drew you to want to photography what you are looking at? The light. Nature. The height of a mountain. Hone in on what caught you eye and take multiple practise shots. The more you observe your landscape and photograph angles, lighting, and crops the more you will be likely to capture the perfect shot. Paying detail to what you see through the lens allows you to focus on what element will heighten the emotion in the image. Scale. Dramatic light. Moody weather. What is really catching your eye?

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The Art of Timing

While landscapes don’t move like people, and are easier to capture in that sense. They do however change. Seasons and the time of day can give a completely different environment to photograph. Experts recommend trying to time your shots for the Blue and Golden hours. Sunrise and Sunset. These light windows can transform your landscape photography.

Framing Landscape Photography

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Got the shot? Choosing the perfect frame style and size to do your landscape photography justice is essential. You want to choose a quality frame. Adding a mat to the frame is a great way to protect and enhance your photo. Choose a frame colour that won’t detract for the shot. Framefox have over twenty frame styles to choose from including classic white frames, bold black, and natural timber gallery frames. Simply upload your landscape photography, edit, crop, select your frame, mat, glazing, and your frame will arrive direct to your doorstep, ready to hang.

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