How-To Get Superb Print Results

We want to help you create the best quality art, prints, and photography for your Framefox frames. Here are some of our key print tips for ensuring superb end results.

Resolution Print Tip

How-To Get Superb Print Results

Resolution is key to a high quality print result. For best results you want to ensure your image has a high resolution or dpi (dots per inch). Ideally, images should be at least 300 dpi. At Framefox the mimmim resolution image we will print is 100dpi. If your image is lower than 300 dpi we recommend sticking to one of our smaller framing options. This is because low resolution images print with a pixelation and don’t give you a quality end result.

Your printing options will be limited to the file you upload, so the larger the image the more printing options you’ll have. The Framefox platform allows for JPG, PNG, TIFF file formats. We recommend uploading the largest file size possible. The maximum is file size 100MB or 70 megapixels. Essentially, the better the resolution, the better your print result.

Need help working out your images resolution?

If you are on an Apple device or Mac: In iPhoto, select the photo and double-click the Info icon. In Preview, select Tools from the top menu and then select Show Inspector – this will display your images resolution..

If you are on a PC desktop: Select the image and click Info on the top navigation bar. Alternatively you can right-click on the image file, select Properties from the pop up menu option, and then select the Details tab.

How-To Get Superb Print Results

Colour and Contrast Tip

Ensuring your image has the right light, colour contrast, and saturation can really transform an image, and the end print result. Our filters and cropping options online at Framefox offer an easy solution to bringing your images to life. For darker images, we recommend lightening your image slightly for a better print finish.

Overwhelmed? There are some great photo editing apps which can help guide you through the editing process. Many of which offer automated correction filters which take all the guess work out of editing for you. Find a photo editing app thats right for you here >

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