Tips For Frame Worthy Wedding Photography

Ensure all the photos from you special day are frame worthy with these expert Wedding Photographer tips from around the globe. From help on finding the perfect photographer. How-to create your ideal wedding photography shot wish-list. Picking poses. It’s all here…

Find Your Perfect Wedding Photographer

Find a wedding photographer that understands your style, fits your budget, and understands your goals. If you have the right photographer with you on the day, it can make a world of difference. Plus, you’ll find the whole process of getting stunning wedding photography a lot less stressful.

“If you can, when it comes to your wedding photographer, stretch your budget. You really do get what you pay for!” Sarah Legge, (UK Wedding Photographer)

“You’ll spend more time with them than anyone else on your wedding day so make sure you like them!” Nicholas Purcell, (AU Wedding Photographer)

Communicate Key Moments

Make sure your photographer knows about the key moments of the day you don’t want missed. You might want emotional reactions of particular loved ones, sunset shots, cutting the cake, the first dance. All of these need to be communicated to ensure that the photography allocated their time, you have the budget, and most importantly, these moments get snapped. Before the day give your photographer a run sheet and check what they can and can’t do within your budgets and timeframe.

Wedding Photography Photo Framing
Perfect captured moments from Sarah Folega Photography Instagram

“I cannot stress enough the importance of having a great connection with your wedding photographer. After all, you will spend more time with your photographer than with each other on the day. That connection will help you to relax in front of the camera, producing spectacular results!” Sarah Folega, (UK Wedding Photographer)

“…Unlike most of the other elements from your wedding, the photographs will live on long after the day.  It is vital to find a photographer who matches your style and taste; someone you really trust to capture the most special moments of your wedding day.” Emma Line, (NZ Wedding Photographer)

Pinterest Wedding Photography You Like

Creating and sharing a Pinterest board with your Wedding Photographer can be a fail-safe way of showing the style and shots you want captured on the day. One tip, know that this is only a guide. Show the types of photography you love, and note the poses, light, locations, and photography style that the photographer should pay attention to. Boards are a great way to get everyone on the same page.

“Whatever you want, the take home message is this – make sure the photographers shooting style matches the style in which you want your wedding shot.” James White, (AU Wedding Photographer)

Wedding Photography Pinterest Board Photographer

Make a list of Wedding Photography shots you want

Finally, make a clear action plan with your chosen Wedding Photographer. A timeline. A list of key photos to be taken and who with. Give a copy to your MC and bridesmaids and groomsmen to everyone can be in on the game plan. Result, great shots and you won’t miss an opportunity for a great photo.

Then, relax into the photos! Know what poses and positions work for you and your partner and work the camera. When you both relax you can ensure you get the most stunning candid and emotionally charged shots which almost make the best framed wedding memories.

Consider what will last – After the cake has been eaten and the dress is hung in a closet, the only thing you will have to remember this special day are the photos from your photographer. This is why your wedding photographer is so important. Prioritize what you value while also thinking about what will truly last. We have heard from so many people that they wish they spent more on their photographer for their wedding (and we are one of those people).” Jason, (US Wedding Photographer)

Share Your Framed Vision

Framed Wedding Photography Framefox

Want a large scale framed hero shot from your wedding day? So planning on creating a Wedding Gallery Wall? Share your end goals with your Wedding Photographer. Add them to your shared Pinterest board even!