Pet Photography Do’s and Don’ts

Ah, the art of pet photography. Capturing those cute and quirky moments with your fur baby can be tricky. Framefox talk to expert pet photographer Dogfolk and nab all their top do’s and don’ts when it comes to snapping pictures of your pets. The result? Too many cute pictures to choose from to frame!

Images: Dogfolk Photography

Describe The Dog Folk Pet Photography Style…

As lifestyle pet photographers, our photography style is many things. Candid. Warm. Creative. Down-to-earth – but above all, reflective of the deep connection that pets and people share. We’re very much inspired by all the tender everyday moments shared at home between a dog and their person. We aim to capture the special bond these moments reveal. 

Share Some Pet Photography Do’s

Here’s a few tips we’d suggest for taking great photos of your pet at home…

Natural Light

Pet photography do and don't guide blog

The key to capturing a dog’s best features is natural light – soft, filtered light is ideal. So when photographing your dog at home, it’s best to position them near a window or door.

Focus on The Eyes

Pet photography do and don't guide blog

Focus on the eyes to bring a level of emotion to your photographs. Look for catchlights – those little white reflections of light in your dog’s eyes. Get their attention by holding a treat or toy right next to the camera lens. Get down to their level for a great up-close shot taken from a dog’s perspective.

Clear Background Noise

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Declutter your space so the background is free of distracting or unsightly objects. Work with your dog’s mood to capture their personality naturally in the moment. Thats why shooting at home is ideal, they are settled and in their domain.

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Do you have tips for picking out the right photo of your pet to frame? 

Often it is such a difficult choice! But when clients ask for our advice on this, we’ll suggest a few pointers. These include selecting a photo with a sharp and clear focus. Ideally making sure the colour palette in the image will compliment the decor of their home. And, selecting a timeless image that best captures their dog’s personality or their special relationship. For example, a photo they will love to look at every day for years to come. 

Regarding the actual frame, we’ll always suggest a quality frame that enhances the print and does not detract from it. We always recommend raw timber frames for this reason. They have a subtle, natural quality that compliments most prints. If the photo is mounted, pay close attention to the colour of the mount (off white or white) to ensure the white balance compliments the photo too. It’s all about the details. The smallest of details often have a big impact on the end result.

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Share The Story Behind Some of Your Shots…

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Image credit: Dogfolk Instagram

As our photo sessions are held in people’s homes, every shoot is so unique and personal. There’s this level of vulnerability our clients really step in to by allowing us to be there, while allowing themselves to just be in the moment with their dog. It’s how we’re able to capture that beautiful shared connection. We take great care to create a really relaxed and comfortable environment so people feel at ease, and really enjoy the experience. 

Pet photography do and don't guide blog

And just like every person is unique, so too is every dog, and every home! More often than not, home tends to reflect our lifestyle, our loves, our personality and the things we hold dear. It’s why home is our happy place after all. Shooting in-home just adds a whole other level of personal meaning, it’s really special. 

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