Print and Frame, Your Family Photo Guide

There’s a saying, “we don’t remember the days, we remember the moments.” We want to help you print your most cherished family moments. We’ve put together all our tips from photo selection, editing, framing, to hanging. Here’s your guide to print and frame your family photos.

Choosing The Right Family Photo To Frame

Print and Frame Camera Roll Family Photos Framefox

Getting the right photo of your family is sometimes half the battle. We have interviewed expert Family Photographers, and have some key tips on how to capture great family photos here for a start.

Next issue, a camera roll full of too many memories you want to frame. Narrowing the photo selection down is the next challenge. We suggest keeping it simple. Scroll through and keep an eye out for images that jump out at you. Either for the photographic shot or a nostalgic pull. Create a folder with your favourites so when it comes to framing time you have a collection of top-pick photos to frame. Try picking images that provoke a smile, remind you of a special time or place, capture your children character or are candid moments.

Need some extra pointers in photo organisation? Check out this great blog >

Ensuring A Quality Print

Print and Frame, Your Family Photo Guide

The Framefox platform allows for JPG, PNG, TIFF file formats. We recommend uploading the largest file size possible. The maximum file size is 100MB or 75 megapixels. Essentially, the better the resolution, the better your print result.

You also want to ensure you have the right photo lighting, contrast, saturation, and crop. There are some great photo editing apps which can help guide you through the editing process. Many of which offer automated correction filters which take all the guess work out of editing for you. Find a photo editing app thats right for you here >

We have a tip, black and white photos always look great in our frames! So when in doubt, make your photo black and white and ensure the contrast and lighting help your image pop so it’s ready to print.

The Print and Frame Process

Choosing the right frame to truly spotlight your piece is important. Pick a frame the compliment the image rather than distracts from it. If your home has wood accents choose a natural wood frame so the frames harmonise with your home. We recommend out raw-wood frames Hudson and Mayfield. Not sure? Our classic black and white frames are versatile and go with any artwork.

Materials & Process

New Zealand made custom frames using conservation-grade materials.

When it comes to framing quality is key. Our order is treated with handcrafted, premium care from print to frame. Each frame is made to order in our Auckland workshop, and will protect your artwork for years to come.

Hanging Your Finished Framed Family Photo

Triptych Family Photo Framed Frames Picture

Your Framefox frame comes with step-by-step hanging instructions as well as your hanging hardware. See, told you the hardest part was narrowing down your photos! If you need more guidance when it comes to hanging your frame check out our blog. Here you can find how-to hang guides, tips, inspiration, and interviews to help you on your framing journey.

Let’s frame those family photos >