Your Guide To Hanging Art and Frames

It’s not uncommon for the most daunting part of framing art work to be hanging the frame itself. Fear not, we have your how-to guide to hanging wall art. So, wither you are hanging a gallery wall or one big frame – we have you covered.

Where to Hang Your Art?

Pick the spot you want your frame or art to hang. We have some tips for helping you get your art in perfect position. Hang single frames at eye level. 152 centimetres from the middle of your art to the floor is the ideal. This rule also applies to hanging two or three frames. See our gallery wall hanging tips at the bottom of this article for hanging multiple frames.

What You’ll Need For Hanging?

We like to keep frame hanging as straight forward as possible. So, everything you need is in your Framefox delivery including the hanging hardware. Other than that all you’ll need is a hammer, a pencil, and a tape measure or ruler.

How to Hang your Art?

Let’s hang. Depending on your frame size you’ll have one of two hanging hardware. Below are the two hanging hardwares. One for smaller frames (sawtooth), the other for larger frames (wall brackets).

Wall brackets for larger frames (on left) Sawtooth for smaller frames (on right).

If you have the smaller frame with sawtooth hardware you can use a pencil to mark the ideal position for your frame on the wall. Try to nail at a 45 degrees. This angle provides a much greater holding power for your frame.

measure hanging frame wall art hang guide framefox

If you have a large scale art work with wall brackets you’ll need to use a tape measure to make a pencil mark two points on the wall for the brackets to hang. First measure the distance between the brackets on the back of your frame. Use this distance to mark out the two points you’ll need to nail into the wall. Nail at a 45 degree angle. This gives your frame a greater holding power, rather than nailing straight.

Hanging Gallery Wall Frames

hanging wall art frames

Hanging a gallery wall can seem overwhelming at the beginning. Here at Framefox we take the guess work out of hanging your gallery. This is why our gallery walls are delivered with a life-size hanging template. Use the template as your guide on where to nail. Once all your nails are in place, remove the template and hang. Easy!

Check out our How-To Hang Gallery Walls Blog for more information.

All hung? Nice! Share a quick snap and tag us on Instagram with @framefoxframes. We love seeing your frames in pride-of-place.