10 Ways To Arrange Picture Frames

Need to reorganise and restyle those picture frames? Here are ten different ways to style and arrange your frames. With something sure to suit whatever your frame style might be. Ready? Let’s get arranging!

Eclectic Gallery Wall

Forget black and white frames, create something more eclectic. Mix and match different frame styles, colours, and sizes to create a real talking point in your home styling. Framefox’s Mismatch Gallery Wall does this for you! Upload your images, and drag and drop them into the natural mix frame styles. They’ll be printed, framed, and delivered direct to your door, ready to hang. And of course, it is available in black, white, and raw-timber wood frame options as well.

Eclectic Picture Frame Gallery Walls
Mismatch Gallery Wall – Natural Mix Frame Style

Picture Ledges

Found yourself with a collection of picture frames and need help arranging them? Picture ledges are a practical and stylish solution. Easily layer, move, and shuffle frames on the shelving to create a stylish sense of frame layering. Result, a ledge turn leaning frame picture wall.

Modern Gallery Walls

Modern Gallery Wall Picture Framing
The Big Mismatch Gallery Wall

Picture walls are very much having a moment. And, we can see why! Framefox can help you curate your very own gallery wall online in a few minutes. From three images to ten. They even come with a life-sized hanging template, so having your arrangement is a breeze. You’re welcome.

Minimalist Picture Frames

Minimalist Picture Frames

Sometimes less, is more. Declutter you space and use one or two quality framed prints or photographs to make a clean style statement. Monochromic frame styles like the black picture frame Zeppelin or the white picture frame Lennon styles are ideal.

Large Statement Picture Framing

Big frame, big statement. Framefox offers custom framing which allows for large scale print and frame, or frame-at-home options. Ideal if you already have a large piece needing a quality picture frame.

Large Print Framed Hendrix Wood Framing
Industrial Statement Picture Frames

Industrial Frame Styling

A metal frame offers a clean and industrial sense of style to a space. They are perfect for mirroring similar accents in a space such as appliances or furniture. Metal frames can be striking when arranged in numbers such as pairs, or even curated into a gallery, as seen in the above examples.

Bed Ledge Picture Frames

Creating a picture ledge headboard in your bedroom is not just straight-up handy, they look stunning. Similar to picture ledges, they offer you freedom to move and restyle your picture frames as trends change. Abstract print one minute. Striking landscape the next.

Scandinavian Picture Frame Styling

Landscape print trends style prints framing trend

Scandi style means clean neutrals meets light woods. The result, a natural styled space that feels light yet warmly welcoming. Framed prints or photos are a great way to add a gentle accent of colour and raw-timber wood frames complete the Scandinavian look bringing the whole room together.

Triptych Gallery Wall

Wedding Frames Framing Photos
Triptych Gallery Wall

Trilogy picture frames or as we call them here at Framefox Triptychs are a stunning way to showcase an image series. The half size bottom-weighted mat results in a striking finish. Triptychs work particularly well with black and white photos. Choose from classic black or white frames, or a wood grain for a more modern look.

Grid Gallery Walls

Got too many photos to hang but limited all space? The Mini Grid Gallery Wall solves that problem! A nine-frame same size square gallery layout. A stunning way to display a series of holiday photos or your favourite Instagram snaps. This size grid works great above a desk or bench or side-table. 

Gallery wall grid photo wall series framed wall art frames decor