Decor Styling For The Holidays

It’s that time of year again. We share some simple styling tips to bring holiday decor into your home. No matter your budget, space, time, or motivation levels to add some festive flare to your space we’ve got some easy decor styling tips to help style for the season. The key trends, organic decor and seasonal styling that is beautifully sentimental.

Styling with Seasonal Scents

Pine, rosemary, citrus, and cinnamon can all be weaved into your decor to add an element of natural festive fragrance to your space. Minimal arrangements, wreaths, and centre pieces are easy ways to add the holiday spirit and scent into your living areas. Wither it is a grand Christmas tree, an earthy arrangement, a garland, or just a simple pine clipping in a vase. The styling options to bring some greenery into your decor is endless.

Homely Holiday Decor

Framed Picture Frame Christmas Gift

Make your space inviting, cosy, and nostalgically seasonal. By adding festive family photos and picture frames, candles, and books you can bring a sense of the seasons into the space. Old framed family memories also become conversation starters about special times together. We like to call it sentimental styling. Got a memory, let’s frame it.

Christmas Gift Caption Frame
Caption Frame

Organic Festive Elements

Ideal for also getting the kids involved! Creating nature inspires ornaments are not just budget friendly, they are also low waste. Tie pine cones, dried oranges, rosemary pieces, or get creative with twigs and string. Stars, to snowflakes, tree decorations or wreaths. The perfect excuse to go festive foraging. Not only do they add a touch of Christmas to your space, buy they smell great too.

Holiday Decor interior Styling

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