Decor Worth Falling In Love With

From styling with sentiment, to picture frames and meaningful decor that bring the love to a space. Trust us, you’ll love these transformational decor tricks. Here’s some home decor we are crushing on…

Signature Statements

Wedding Photo Dried Flowers Decor

Add a statement that evokes a memory to your space. Framed wedding photos, dried flowers from your big day, a candle with a scent that is nostalgic. Adding small sentimental touches can actually become signature statements. Framed wall art. A Gallery Wall capturing your travels or relationship. Or a Caption Frame with a special date or quote. Frames coupled with meaningful mementos can create spaces that transport you to special times.

Sentimental Styling

Truth is memories make great decor! Meaningful items give meaning. Not just because they usually have a great story behind them, but because they also add character to a space. Moments from special holidays, events, printed photos, or keepsakes.

Adding sentimental pieces that inspire or move you can transform a shelf or coffee table. Aim to surround yourself with elements that both are cohesive with your style but that also bring emotion when you look at them.

Decor Ethos

Decor We Love Hand On Frame

In the words of Marie Kondo, “does this bring you joy?” Don’t add any decor element that you aren’t totally in love with. Life is too short to be surrounded by uninspiring decor. If the answer is no, then it’s time for a refresh. Find patterns, colours, and photos that make you beam and add them to the space. A simple cushion refresh. Framing those photos you haven’t got around to printing. Adding some storage to your space to help declutter. It all will make you fall back in love with a space. Spring clean your styling, you’ll thank us.

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