First Look Wedding Photography, Yes or No?

First look wedding photography is becoming more mainstream as more couples ditch tradition and superstition in the hopes of capturing those perfect first sight moments. Sure, there are pros and cons. Framefox weighs in on the first look debate with these super sweet first look moments, and some of the positives and negatives.

What is First Look Wedding Photography?

The choice to have the first look at the Bride, not coming down the aisle, but in a private photo ceremony before the wedding. In fact, some Brides even choose to do a first look photo with their bridesmaids! In a nutshell, first look is a pre-wedding photoshoot, usually solely for the bride and groom that is captured by a wedding photographer. Why? It’s more intimate. There is less noise and distraction. Plus, it gives the opportunity for some once in a lifetime emotive photography.

Cons, The Time Factor

Amazing idea in theory, but many bride and grooms find the day hectic and time poor enough without squeezing in an additional photoshoot. Usually a first look shoot is a few hours before the ceremony adds a couple of additional hours of photography time to your special day. This also doubles as a con when it comes to cost. As you’ll need your photographer for a few extra hours which adds to the Wedding bill. It also means less time spent getting ready, enjoying a glass of bubbles to unwind the nerves, time with your bridesmaids or family pre-ceremony, and a bit more of a ‘busy’ day.

Pro, Photos Worth Framing

First Look Wedding Photography
Image credit: Autumn Nicole Photography

Result? A guarantee to have beautifully emotive and frame-worthy wedding photography. Without the noise of guests and background faces your first look photography are definitely wedding photo frame material.

Double Pro, Lots of Framing Options

These moments can be help tell the story of the reveal. With a frame for each first look event. For example, the back-to-back moment. The turn around reaction. The first embrace – all in a Wedding Triptych frame image series. This means, you have lots of framing options for your wedding photography from custom large scale frames to gallery wall options.

Wedding Photography Gallery Wall Frames
Mismatch Gallery Wall

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