Home Design Trends 2022

Get ahead of the style trends with this list of the top home design trends for 2022. Everything from colour palettes, conscious decor, to DIY. Here’s all the interior style trends for this coming year…

DIY Home Design Trends

Lockdown life have left many of us inspired to make our homes more, well, homely. The result? A do-it-yourself movement in interior trends to create block colour, eyeline shapes, and feature gallery wall art. Essentially wall makeovers that involve statement colours echoed in framed prints or photography.

Colour blocking paint gallery wall picture walls Framefox

DIY framed galleries that transform a wall into a home exhibition is a must-have for 2022. Multi picture frame wall series that tell a story and add to the rooms colour accents. Triptych, three frame series, and mixed match frame sized gallery walls make your framed wall art into a stunning statement piece.

2022 Home Colour Trends

Tint Paint Colour Trends 2022 Home Design

Tonal palettes that are inspired by the natural hues of nature. Dusty and earthy clays and pinks. Deep blues. Lush greens. The colour trend theme is to bring nature indoors and onto your walls. Shades of green in particular are ear marked to be big in home design for 2022. Even playful pastels seen in Spring flowers and wild flowers like lilacs, mints, and pinks are welcomed back into vogue. Colours that offer a nod to Mother Nature while also making a statement. Such as the colour samples above from the Tint Paint catalogue.

Conscious and Curated

Sustainably sourced, ethically made, up cycled, and sentimental are all words to add to your styling vocabulary. Curate decor and furniture that tells a story about your family and your morals. Choosing organic materials such as rattan, weaves, wools, and reclaimed woods for example. Being selective with the companies you choose to purchase from and ensuring they have a sustainable focus. Framefox’s quality made picture frames use materials and processes that respect the future of our planet. Plus we further offset our footprint by planting a tree for every product sold.

2022 Home Design Interior Trends

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