Home Office Makeover Inspiration

Working from home really has a new meaning these days. If your home office needs a serious refresh we have some styling and zoom-friendly makeover tips to help transform your home work space. From pointers in choosing office framed wall art, to decor, styling, and decluttering. Let’s do this…

Every Home Office Needs Art

Every home office space needs a framed piece, or pieces, that inspire, motivate, or give a statement to the space. Art. Quotes. Personal photography. Posters. Prints. Wall art can set the tone of a space, so be sure to put some thought into what you are framing.

Wedding Gallery Wall Grid
Petite Grid

Gallery Walls are an easy and chic way to add character to a space. No matter your wall size, you can curate a Gallery Wall online in minutes to fit in your home office space. Wedding Day photography. A holiday. Family photos. Or a series from your favourite artist. Explore home office gallery wall options >

Declutter Your Space

Clean up the space. By decluttering your reset the space to be clean, and functional. Sort. Organise. And remove anything from the space that doesn’t need to be there.

Add Home Office Decor

Add decor that helps you to enjoy the space. Thriving house plants that breath life into the room. Books that you find stimulating. Art, candles, bowls, or boxes that bring the styling of your room together be it through colour or textures.

Function decor is ideal in home offices, as they often offer minimal space. So choosing storage boxes, shelves, or cabinets that help store your office supplies while also working into the style of the space can be the difference in a dream work space and just another room.

Add Some Colour

Colour has a powerful impact on our experience of a space. Wither you paint the walls, or just add accent colour through framed wall art or decor styling, the colour you pick can impact how you work. Yellows, are said to inspire creativity. While Blues offer a sense of calm and serenity.

Home Design

Remove Distractions

Designing a truly work-friendly space needs to also focus on the removal of household distractions. Why? Your productivity! From choosing a space a good distance away from the lure of the fridge, to not being able to hear a tv. Put thought into how you might be able to choose a space that allows you to focus.

Taking into consideration these pointers, you should be able to find and create a space that you don’t just transform into a stylish and functional work-space, but can also enjoy!

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