New Frame Styling Trends

There are some new trending ways to style frames that you need to know about. From the latest in gallery walls, picture frame styles, to bringing art into the bathroom. Yes, bathroom decor and framed wall art is a thing.

Beautify Your Bathroom

Incorporating decor into bathroom and toilet spaces allow you to add character to traditionally plain spaces. Layered shelves, hooks, and counter space allow for you to beautify your bathroom spaces with the latest in trending decor. Picture frames with abstract wall art. Pot plants. Dried herbs. And stylish bathroom storage, so even the tooth brush and toilet paper can be part of the styling!

The Statement Frame Is In

Frame Styling Trends Framefox

Stunning framed art that makes a statement is a must for any room, bathroom included. Adding quality frames to a space gives a pop of colour, shape, and depth to your styling. Current trends are abstract pieces with earthy tones, shapes, or abstract illustrations. Frames are the perfect additional to any shelf or side table.

Shelf Styling Trends

frame fox frame decor styling

This styling tip is especially great if you are renting. Instead of going nail to hammer with your frame, stack them on shelves. This creates a layered affect, and helps to provide depth to your styling. Perfectly shown in the example above. Add your favourite mementos, books, plants, and framed art to elevate the space.

Inspired? Let’s get styling…

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