Turn Your Walls into Storytellers

Got a bare wall in your home? Don’t we all.
Here are some simple ways to use the space as an opportunity to bring an element of meaningful interior design to your home using your memories. Result, walls that become storytellers.  

Utilise the space

Let’s consider empty walls, hallways, and entrance ways a blank canvas. A space unutilised that can be transformed with art, colour, or a meaningful memory. Adding photography to a space can create a sense of nostalgia. They give onlookers a glimpse into a moment of time. From that 70’s shot of all your family playing cricket in the backyard. Or your most visited holiday spot. Likewise an overseas adventure (which now seems like a pre-Covid lifetime ago). A candid snap from your wedding day that captured you lovingly glancing at your partner. Even that rare moment of your little ones giving each other a hug/turn squeeze (you know, the photo taken just seconds before a sibling war broke out.) Rare, and frame worthy.

gallery wall layout photo series frames framed wall art framing
Mini Grid

Memories printed and framed become art that speaks to onlookers. Your walls become storytellers. Frames become windows, portals to a story.

Caption Your Memories

Yup, that box of photos under your bed, or still in their print envelope in your top draw are the most unutilised design feature of any household. Like memories waiting to be turned into monuments. 

Aussie art Byron Bay Travel Poster Caption Frame Framefox

By uploading your memory to Framefox’s Caption Frame you can add the date, location, or list the relatives to really help tell your story. That retro image of the family becomes immortalised, for example, “The Henderson’s Holiday Home -1988.

Share A Narrative

Make a statement. For instance, use a Framefox’s Gallery Wall feature to utilise a photo series from a special event like a wedding, or birth to give a timeline of events. From I-dos to the dance floor, baby bump to a first tooth. 

Showcase Special Moments

Mothers Day Gift Guide Collage Frame

For example, even the simple act of hanging a Framefox Collage Frame in a hallway or entrance way can become reminders to those in your households of special times often easily forgotten in the day-to-day rush of life.

So, dust off your empty walls, or take down that faded piece of art that holds zero sentimental value and start framing moments that matter. Ultimately, create a space that speaks to the people in them. Invitations of intrigue to guests that may pass through your corridors. Eloquent entranceways. Telling hallways. Conclusion, walls that can actually talk!

Let your walls be your life’s storyteller. 
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