New Smart Phone Photography Hacks

Get all the latest in smart phone photography hacks with this how-to guide. From how to get the best angles, new phone features, and the latest in filters. Because great photos make stuning framed wall art

Phone Photography Hacks

The Latest In Quality Cameras
First, you want to make sure your smart phone has a good camera. All of the latest mobiles offer premium quality cameras including Apple iPhone, Google Pixel, OnePlus, or Samsung Galaxy devices.

Framing Grid Features
Usually simply switched on in your settings, a grid helps you compose and frame your photography. This means your horizon lines are always straight and if ideal for portrait positioning. Need help? Here’s a guide to turning on your grid feature.

Try Add On Lenses
Adding a macro lens, ultra wide, or fish eye lens can truly transform your phone photography. These can be easily purchased online however opting for quality lenses will make for better quality images.

Don’t Over Edit
Keep it simple. Adjusting shadows, lighting, exposure can be tempting. If you choose a premium print and frame service they are likely to offer editing features that ensure the best result for your photos. For example, Framefox‘s Smart Enhance edit feature takes all editing features into account, doing the heavy lifting for you! Because ultimately great photos deserve the best editing. And the result? Perfectly editing images ready to frame.

Print & Frame Online

Printing and framing your favourite mobile snaps can be done online in a few simple steps. Simply visit Framefox, and upload your digital images. You’ll be guided through the process from cropping, editing, to selecting your frame style, border and glazing. Ready? Print and frame online here…

Print and Frame Phone Photography Photos
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