Gallery Walls To Love

Gallery Walls are becoming increasingly popular as people transform empty wall space into framed pieces of wall art. We take a look at some of the most stylish ways to create a photo wall you’ll be sure to fall in love with.

Black Frame Grid Gallery Walls

The classic black frame grid Gallery Wall offers a chic way to timelessly showcase family memories or wall art. Clean lines and simple black and white photography help to create a decluttered, exhibit feel. The result, a grid picture wall turn wall art statement piece.

Above are some classic grid Gallery Wall layouts from Framefox. From petite, mini, to the grand Square Grid. These grids are an ideal way to bring all those Instagram travels and memories to life.

Framed Photo Series

Being more creative your photographs and how they are framed. Creating your own photo series in a photo wall can bring character to each photograph.

Gallery Walls are stunning way to organise your photos and design a beautiful photo series for your home.
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