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10 Must-Have ‘It’ Home Decor Pieces

Every home has a signature style, but there are home decor elements that fall into modern-day trending must-haves. Here are ten of those ‘it’ home decor items…

Sculptured Furniture and Shelving

Square is out. Curved, shaped, and sculptured furniture and shelving is in. Chairs, bedside tables, lamps, and bookshelves can provide interesting shapes and textures to your space. Marble, plaster, concrete, sandstone, and textiles all come together to create stylish sculpture pieces that are also functional.

Canvas Float Frame Home Decor

Framefox Printed Canvas Float Frame Home Decor Trends

Canvas chic float frames offer depth, texture, and class to your wall art. The void between the canvas and the float frame allows space for the art to truly become a vocal point in a space. Forget visiting the framers, you can design your own canvas float frame online – use your own digital image, or upload digital art prints!

Crafted Sculptured Candles

Candle Home Decor Trends Styling

Candles are less about the scent, and more about the statement these days. Twisted, bent, sculptured, and moulded candles are fashionable add-ons to any coffee table, bookshelf, bedside table, or study.

Designer Books Home Decor Styling

Curated book stacks have become a staple in home styling. Books as home decor can reflect your lifestyle, personality, style, and interior inspirations. Stack them on your coffee table, create a library on a shelf, or even colour match the covers to tie in with a room theme.

Home Decor Plants

Plants are the perfect solution to empty corners or shelf space. Adding a living element to a room offers a sense of air, vibrancy, and breathability. Current trending foliage includes Olive trees, Fig Tree, the Split-Leaf Philodendron, and the snake plant.  

Natural Linens

Linen Styling Bed
Image Credit: I Love Linen

Natural linens and organic textures come together to make bed styling on point. Clay, creams, whites, nudes, and naturals. Off set by weave baskets, wool throws, and soft feature cushions and you have yourself your own personal haven.

Statement Wall Art

Framed wall art that says something, says a lot in a space. Large. Eye catching. Statement pieces that spark conversation and interest. Think abstracts, portraiture, and colour. Grand framed art pieces = bold and beautiful statements.

Large Frame Styling Tips

Contemporary Mirror

Mirrors have long been used by stylists to help bring height, or the perception of brighter, wider spaces into their styling. Circle and arch mirrors are ideal because their curves give the perception of higher ceilings. So wither they are fixed to the wall, or leaning, mirrors have become essential design elements to open up a room.

Framed Prints

Winter style trends 2021

Abstract and illustrative minimal framed prints are very much in vogue. Stylists recommend choosing quality framed printed that compliment its surrounding colours. Choose art that mimics nearby decor and furniture with its shape or form.

Vases, Trays & Bowls

Float Frame Vase Bowl Home Decor Styling
Image via Fenton&Fenton

Ceramic or glass matching decor elements such as bowls, vases, trinkets, and trays can ultimately help to tie in all of your decor elements together. Stylists recommend using decor elements in three, as it satisfies the human eye. Vases and bowls are also ideal for creating height and layers to your home decor styling.

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