A Guide To Framing Travel Photos

Sure, the idea of traveling overseas given the current state-of-the-world can seem a bit, well, depressing. So, to bring your destinations and holidays back to life we have your guide to framing travel photos. Create stunning statement wall art and let your framed snaps become storytellers. Let’s frame your travel photos!

Frame Your Travel Photos

Bringing your photos from gram to gallery wall, or camera to custom-frame can create a world of possibilities. Square grid picture walls help capture the Instagram aesthetic while stand-out custom frames and heavy weighted mats can offer a more dramatic framed finish for your travel photos. You can create one frame hero image, or a photo series. The hardest part is picking the photos…

Select A Series

Choose photos that capture the essence of your journey. A breath taking moment. A memorable day. An adventure. Find images that thread together with a colour theme or content trend so that your images fit together aesthetically. Above are some examples of how to create a photography series.

Once you have your images selected you want to ensure they are the best quality possible. Make the images pop by enhancing the photos vibrance and saturation. Make the images pop by enhancing the photos vibrance and saturation with our new Smart Enhance editing feature.

Tell The Travel Story

Decide on where your travel photos will hang pride-of-place. This way you can get an idea of the size and number of frames you can use. Framefox Gallery Walls come in a number of layouts, styles, and sizes. And, they are ideal if you can’t pick just one travel photo to frame!

Ready to frame those travel photos? Let’s go >