Five Tips For Better Photos From Your Phone

Want to dial up your smart phone photos? We’ve got some expert pointers for the ultimate phone photography. Here’s five tips for better photos from your phone for frame-worthy shots…

Here are five easy things to do for better photos from your phone…

  1. Clean the lens. Wipe the lens before every shot to ensure there is no dirt or dust obstructing the lens.
  2. Don’t zoom. Zooming in lowers the quality of the image which can really make for poor quality photos when it comes to print and frame your shots. It is always best to take the whole image and crop later, rather than zoom.
  3. Turn the flash off. Use natural light, it’s the best way to light whatever you are shooting and deactivating the flash prevents any red eye.
  4. Use the grid feature on your phone. This allows you to clearly see the photos composition and work in what many photographers call the ‘rule of thirds’. You’ll find when you use the grid you will pay more attention to everything that is in the frame of the shot.
  5. Make sure you focus. Ensure whatever you are wanting to be the hero of the photograph is in focus. Here’s some focus tips…
How-to take great phone photos wedding

What’s Your Focus?

What’s the hero of your photo? Wither the star is landscape, a family portrait, or capturing the chaos of the kids running in the backyard make sure your focus your shot to capture the story.

Thankfully, your smart phone can help you with that. If you have a modern smartphone, you’ll be excited to know there are easy ways to simulate professional camera effects, like narrowing your depth of focus. Make sure you familiarise yourself with your phone camera settings so you can use the right setting and focus depending on the shot. A simple setting or focus change can easily transform a photo.

Here’s a focus tip for iPhone users: Simply frame your shot, then tap the screen where you want to set focus. A yellow box will appear to indicate the focus point. The area in the yellow box will be the key focus in the photo. Result? Sharp photos that look more professional. The same feature can also be used to brighten or darken the image.

iPhone Camera photos focus settings
Image credit: iPhone Photography School

Lastly! Don’t worry too much about editing or filters. Framefox’s ‘Smart Enhance’ feature offers you an easy way to add and compare filters and photo enhancements. Use the new slider feature to check your images hue, saturation, and contrast. Don’t want to use it? No worries, simply toggle the smart enhance off if you don’t like it. But, we are pretty you you’ll love the new feature.

Smart Enhance Feature Framefox

Now your phone photography is the stuff of champions, let’s frame those photos >