How-to Choose the Best Photos from your Phone to Frame

Let’s be honest, your phone probably has hundreds of photos hiding in its camera roll. The idea of picking one, or a few, to frame can seem like picking a photographic needle in a haystack. Fear not. Framefox has some ways to help you choose the best photos and take them from phone to frame.

Keep it Simple

Print Phone Photos framed frame pictures
Image Credit – Dot+Pop Interiors

Don’t over complicate it. Off the top of your head think of moments you remember capturing either special times or ‘wow’ photos of note. Have a quick scroll through your camera roll and identify the images that come front of mind. Failing that, keep an eye out for the images that jump out at you. Well lit. Special. Striking. Memorable. Candid. And if you struggle to narrow it down then we recommend exploring Gallery Walls or Collage Frames as framing options. There are lots of fun layouts that offer frames for two photos, to ten.

Gallery Wall Dot+Pop
Image Credit – Dot+Pop Interiors: The Big Mismatch

Resolution is Key

You want the image you print to be good quality. The size of the photo might dictate the size you can get it framed, so worth checking. If your image is lower than 300 dpi we recommend sticking to one of our smaller framing options. This is because low resolution images print with a pixelation and don’t give you a quality end result.

The Framefox platform allows for JPG, PNG, TIFF file formats. We recommend uploading the largest file size possible. The maximum is file size 100MB or 70 megapixels. Essentially, the better the resolution, the better your print result.

Tip: Needing smaller frames because your images aren’t maximum quality? The Framefox Mini Grid is a perfect way to print and frame your Instagram phone photos, and the best part if you can keep adding to the grid over time. Ideal for hallways, entrance ways, and living areas grid galleries offer a fun way to showcase your adventures and travels.

gallery wall layout photo series frames framed wall art framing
Framefox Mini Grid Gallery Wall

Light, and Black and White

Like an image but the colour, contrast, saturation, or exposure needs work? Printing your photos in black and white can be an easy way to touch up images. If you are wanting to tidy up your photos or turn them into striking black and white photography you can make use of our handy smart enhance filter option. Simply upload your digital image, select your print size, and then you’ll find the effects options to update and edit your image.

Triptych Wood Frame Print Phone Photos framed frame pictures
Framefox Triptych Gallery Wall

Found your photos, well then, let’s get framing >