How to Print and Frame Almost Anything

Wither it’s a family memento, your favourite book jacket, a kids drawing, music from your first wedding dance, a old faded photograph, or a print you never got-around-to framing — we can help you print and/or frame it. Here’s your guide in how to print and frame almost anything laying around your home. We can either help you frame your exisiting print or piece. Or if you are needing help in how to digitise your image so we can print and frame it for you. We’ll walk you through it. So, come on, let’s finally get that special something in a frame.

Frame An Existing Print, Photo, or Memento

Print and framing examples

Make your Made-to-Measure frame online in a few simple steps. This allows you to design your own custom frame to fit the special item you need framing. This is the perfect solution if you have an old heirloom or print. Framefox offers two ways for you to frame, at home with steps how to frame your item yourself once your custom frame arrives. Or in our studio, where we pick up your art/print via courier and frame it for you in our studio.

Print and Framing a Digital Image

Framefox Frame Print Online

Want us to print something for you, no problem! Simply upload the image direct from your mobile phone or desktop, and we will deliver the finished framed art right to your door step. All prints and frames are handmade from scratch in our Auckland workshop.

See, it’s easy, let’s finally get that special something in a frame >

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