Tips For Capturing Great Dad Photos

Jess Worrall Photography, aka expert Melbourne family photographer, who shares her must-know tips to ensure you get great photos worthy of framing and gifting this Father’s Day. These are family photography essentials that every parent needs to know to ensure quality, candid, and memorable camera-ready moments. Here’s what this talented family photographer wants to let you in on…

Introduce Jess Worrall Photography…

I’m Jess, and I’m a lifestyle newborn and family photographer based near Geelong in Victoria. I’m also a wife, a mum of a seven and five year old (and a Rhodesian ridgeback pup!)

Do you have tips for how-to get great photos of dad?

Forget Getting Everyone To Say Cheese

When it comes to capturing your kids and their dad (or anyone), don’t feel like you always need to get everyone looking at the camera smiling! Some of the photos I love the most of my kids and husband, are the ones where they’re completely unaware I’m taking a photo. They often feel more genuine. Candid photos evoke more emotion – because they really can transport you back to that moment.

Find Natural Light

Use natural light. Turn off the flash on your camera or phone, and where possible, turn off the overhead lights. Ultimately, move whoever you’re photographing closer to a window. It’s not always possible and capturing a sweet moment is always better than having the perfect light, but just something to be mindful of where you can!

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No Zoom Results In Higher Quality Photos

Another thing is to avoid using the zoom function on your iphone. The problem with zooming, is that it really impacts the quality of the image. If you look at a photo that you’ve taken that’s zoomed in, it probably looks quite pixelated. This is not ideal, especially when it comes to wanting to print and frame photos. So, instead of using zoom, just move yourself closer. Your images will be premium quality. Plus, you’ll be able to print and frame your images in larger formats. Win.

What’s one thing you wish every client would do or know before a shoot?

Let go of expectations and just go with the flow. Don’t worry about the kids behaving perfectly (there’s no such thing.) Just try to focus on enjoying some family time together.

Do you have any tips for picking the right family photo to frame?

Don’t overthink it! Sometimes I think people can get so caught up with all the choices they have to make. What colours, what frame sizes, what pictures to print etc. Often people get overwhelmed and end up not printing or framing any photos at all. Honestly, just trust your gut and pick photos that bring you joy. Choose quality frames that will last. Great photos deserve beautiful frames.


Describe your family photography style…

Joyful and love filled! I’m really focused on capturing natural photos of families rather than picture perfect posed photos – so my aim is to make sessions as fun and relaxed as possible for families.

Your ability to capture those special family moments is extraordinary! What’s your secret?

Well that’s lovely, thank you! Certainly no secret. I do think Dad’s can often get a bad wrap as being difficult or hard to work with. Most of the time I think they’re just worried it’s going to be a painful or awkward experience. So I try to make sure I educate families beforehand around what to expect. Then we take the time to chat at the start of the session and set their mind at ease. I do think making people feel relaxed & comfortable is the key to having photos that you love – it doesn’t matter how perfectly composed an image is, or how wonderful the light is if everyone
looks uncomfortable or awkward!

What’s your favourite thing about being behind the lens as a family photographer?

Getting to be a part of, and capture so many happy and life changing moments for people. Knowing I am able to give them something that they will hold onto and treasure for the rest of their lives – and even pass down through generations, is pretty wonderful!

Jess Worrall Photography Father and Son Australia Photograper

Can you share some of your beautiful shots with us and tell the story behind capturing this moment…

I think the real common thread with a lot of my images, especially with dads, is giving them the time and space for moments to happen naturally. Obviously sometimes I might do a little bit of prompting. Like move them into a location where the light is best – but I try to then just let the moments unfold naturally after that and take the photo. I really love images that tell a story. As you can probably see, it’s not about everyone looking at the camera and smiling. It’s about the connection. That bond between the people in the photo that I think always evokes the most emotion. And emotion makes for great photos!

Any photography or framing trends you are loving right now? 

I’m the least trendy person going round. But I just love walking into a home, and seeing photos up on display! The more the merrier for me – honestly I feel like any blank wall in my house is an opportunity to hang framed photos and artwork on.

How do you bring photography into your home and interior style?

As I mentioned above, pretty much every wall in our house has framed photos on display. I like mixing photos up with artwork, other prints, books, plants or using picture ledges so that I can change things up.

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